Pricing Policy

Shiana’s Pricing Policy

Shiana’s displayed prices are full retail prices. This is to support our customers, resellers and designers who need to show their own customers an item’s value directly from our website.

Pricing Discount Tiers

Pricing discounts will begin after meeting the minimum order amount. Customers benefit from a full 50% off our listed prices by purchasing just 100 USD in one order. This means getting 200 USD worth of items, for just 100 USD.

Further reductions in price are available by meeting discount minimums as follows:


Minimum Order – Discount – Amount Paid (for illustration)

  • 200 USD – 50% off – Pay only 100 USD
  • 1000 USD – 50% off + additional 5% off your order – Pay only 475 USD
  • 4000 USD – 50% off + additional 10% off your order – Pay only 1800 USD

Bulk Ordering for Further Reductions

To receive further discounts, some items are available as x10 Bulk Order Sets. When selecting the item’s finish, you may also get the option to select the finish with a x10 quantity. Items purchased in bulk will get a the bulk discount, and a further reduction when your entire order meets the minimum discount level.

To Better Serve You

Discounts will automatically show up in your shopping cart before checkout. There is no need to apply coupons or remember values. For more information, questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!